Property Management Services By Zest.

We offer the quality service that we want; full HMO management.

What does that mean? It means we take care of the process from start to finish and that includes the following….

Yellow-Tick-1 Dressing and staging the room to attract the best tenants.

Yellow-Tick-1 Finding the right tenant for the right property (not everybody is the right fit).

Yellow-Tick-1 Carrying out all the pre-move in checks to make sure they are who they say they are.

Yellow-Tick-1 Moving the tenant in and managing that transition (not as simple as handing over the keys).

Yellow-Tick-1 Registering the deposit and doing all the move in compliance.

Yellow-Tick-1 Dealing with any issues that arise (and there will be plenty) either from the tenants, neighbours, council etc.

Yellow-Tick-1 Checking the property is being looked after and making sure all maintenance and repairs and dealt with quickly and efficiently.

Yellow-Tick-1 Advising and managing any compliance issues.

Yellow-Tick-1 Collecting the rent and getting it to you.

Yellow-Tick-1 Updating you with a management statement and update on how your property is being managed.

Yellow-Tick-1 Dealing with any questions/queries you may have.

Yellow-Tick-1 Advising you on how to maximise the property if you’re not already.

Yellow-Tick-1 Moving tenants out as and when needed.

Yellow-Tick-1 Dealing with any arrears, late payments etc and working with you and the tenant to minimise the loss.

Yellow-Tick-1 Anything else you can think of…..

In essence, we are your eyes and ears on the ground and we are there to make sure you stay compliant, maximise your rents and to make sure it is a smooth experience as possible.

We take the strain, so you don’t have to…

The Right Systems To Manage Your Property

We have the right systems.

Managing multiple personalities, issues, nationalities etc is a skill in itself but it’s one we’ve mastered. And more importantly we have built the back end systems that alllow us to manage at scale. There is so much red tape when it comes to HMOs and ensuring everything runs smoothly is our speciality.

Working With Business Owners

Business owners.

Most of our landlords are business owners. They have an area they focus on and they want us to take care of the rest. Often their HMOs are seen as a pension plan and they know the importance of running the business correctly and they appreciate the direct and swift communication. They want the job done right, they just don’t want to do the ‘grunt’ work. That’s where we come in.

Professional Landlord Services

Professional landlords.

Being a landlord is the same as being a business owner, it has the same responsibilities. Some landlords treat HMOs as a hobby and after a few failed attempts they wonder why they have a house full of arrears and the HMO isn’t performing. We work with landlords that want the job done correctly and we distance ourselves from those that want to cut corners.

Tommy Walsh Presenting Kelly With An Award For Best HMO Landlord

Landlord And Letting Awards Winner 2015Winner of Landlord Of The Year 2014/15

Proud winners of the prestigious Landlord Of The Year award in 2014/15. Since winning this award we have gone from strength to strength in connecting landlords with tenants and renting rooms and property in the Corby & Kettering area.

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Winners Of Landlord Of The Year

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